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3 Reasons Why Your Integrated Health Clinic Needs Social Media

Whether you’re a chiropractor, physiotherapist, naturopath, acupuncturist, or clinic owner, you have probably wondered if a social media presence is right for your business. This article illustrates 3 great reasons how your clinic can benefit from having a social media presence.

1. Engage with your community

People will only give their business to brands they trust, especially regarding health care. You can use social media to allow your integrated health clinic to build relationships with your community.

Past, current, and future clients want to hear from you and now, you can reach them on their preferred platforms. At this point, you may be wondering

“Well, what do I share on my business page?”

Beyond promotional posts, holding giveaways, and answering questions, you can communicate your brand’s core values and give people a glimpse of what it’s like being a patient at your clinic.

For example, values such as “healing” or “empowerment” are something that could strongly resonate with your community. Going one step further, you can show brand authenticity by supporting causes that are important to you. By having a personable human touch behind your brand’s voice, you can create and foster a community around your brand – invaluable in 2021.

Many integrated health clinics share common exercises and stretches that are given to patients. Consider perhaps the most common reason why someone may see a chiropractor; lower back pain. Treatment is never one size fits all but given how so many patients deal lower back pain, it would be extremely valuable to be able to direct them to a series of photos and/or videos available on your social media feed on how and why to do certain exercises and stretches.

With 71% of people engaging with brands after following, you can be sure that there will be no shortage of community engagement for your brand.

Ultimately, building your brand online will allow consumers to gain trust in your brand, which means more clients, increased website traffic, and repeat business for you.

2. Build authority

You’d be surprised how many people look up to your clinic for advice on their health care needs. By sharing the knowledge you already have, you can positively impact those reading your content.

For many of us, what may seem like a mundane best practice in our profession is completely new and valuable information to another.

Being in social media management, something that is glaringly obvious to me is only posting during the best times i.e. when most people are online. Further, you’d want to take a look at the data and see when your specific community is online. However, to a clinic owner that can only post when it’s convenient to do so, it’s a surprise to learn that the reason the engagement on their photo is so low is because they’re posting on a Monday evening!

By taking the time to demonstrate proven exercises, stretches, and mobility tips, you’ll be providing immense value to those that simply don’t know this information otherwise.

It’s human nature to reciprocate and by providing value upfront, readers will reciprocate. As a result, you can dramatically increase traffic to your social channels, website, and bookings.

3. Announce company or industry news

Have a…
  • New registered massage therapist hired?
  • New service offered such as acupuncture?
  • New product available?
  • Cancellation and need to fill the appointment

Announce it on your social platforms! It’s a huge opportunity to be able to catch people on the devices they’re on so often in a non-intrusive way. Consider the ability to reach the majority of your client base with a single Instagram post.

In fact, 57% of people following brands do so to learn about new products and services.

Not only will your readers be thankful to know what’s being offered at your clinic, they will also be more likely to engage.
Many health clinics have had great success using Instagram as a way to announce last-minute openings due to cancellations. If a waitlist does not exist for that particular booking on that day, instead of having your front desk staff do any outreach via phone, you can simply post on Instagram and have clients who are available call in.

As many clinic owners would agree, the power of having clients come to you cannot be overstated.

Being one click or call away from booking in for that cancellation or new service makes it convenient for your clients to take action.

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